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Original Folk Art by Liz Carroll

Original Folk Art by Liz Carroll... 

All of Liz’s designs are created in her New Jersey studio.The textiles and patterns then go to local senior citizen women who complete the basic sewing. Liz picks them up, and then back to her studio for assembly and finish work which includes a myriad of quilts, ribbons, laces and accessories. Her folk art pieces are one of a kind, distinctively different due to the incorporation of old American textiles, no longer perfect, and her attention to detail.  Each piece is hand signed by the artist.  Quilt origin is included when available.

Textures by Liz Carroll......

All of these designs are created in New Jersey as well.  Sizes are cut for a relaxed, comfortable fit.   The garments in her wool line  are sewn from  American Made coat weight melton wool.  Embellishments for each garment are hand cut from vintage and over-dyed wools.   Her linen line utilizes American Made linen with linen embellishments.  All embellishments are incorporated without the use of patterns, making each piece unique.  Her buttons are custom molded from antique castings.  Her pieces are one of a kind, distinctly different due to a blending of old and new textiles and her attention to detail.


Her work has been featured in several folk art museums, and graced gift catalog covers and is "MADE IN AMERICA".

Gramma Dodi Collection by Dorothy Gillette.........

This work is designed and  handcrafted by Liz's mother in her Michigan studio.  Each face is hand sculpted from clay.  She utilizes old American quilts and textiles to create her one of a kind folk art pieces.   Her work has been featured in several folk art museums, catalogs and is "MADE IN AMERICA".